How to see through our disagreements

We humans are wonderful, kind and loving creatures. All of us have some selfish needs and we all know that by working together we are able to achieve what’s best for all of us. We all understand right and wrong and all the shades of grey in between. We all want the same things for ourselves. Yet we exhibit a lot of variation in what we do and how we do it. This is because most human action is contextual and depends almost entirely on the opportunities, environment and the perception of fairness.

Sometimes some fellow humans may say things we don’t like. Sometimes they may do things we don’t like. We can dislike the words they say, we can dislike the things they do, but it would be pointless to dislike the humans themselves. We should instead use our human traits of compassion, creativity and rational thinking to understand the unmet needs, the environment, and real and perceived flaws in our systems of cooperation that lead other humans to the behavior and actions that we don’t like.

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