How we experienced two extreme temperatures in the same day in Death Valley and Telescope Peak

We recently visited Death Valley. We spent the first day climbing up and sleeping on the summit of Telescope Peak at 11,000 ft (3,300 m) in 40° F ( 4° C) 🥶 temperature; and then in the morning we hiked back down and drove to the lowest spot in the US (right behind me in this pic) and experienced the hairdryer-like warmth of 🏜 Death Valley 🥵 at -242 ft (73m) below sea level and temperatures of 115° F (46° C)

I used a self timer to shoot this picture. Right behind me is Telescope Peak where we slept the previous night.
This picture is a single exposure of 15s, it was timed to get the foreground lit up and yet also not just see the stars but also patches of the Milky Way in the sky behind me ✨

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