Pandemic check-in 2021

When this started last year, I was on the early side on anticipating what was coming and I started making adjustments early on to accommodate what I thought was how things were going to play out. I was prepared for what was coming, and had made peace with how different things were going to be. I even blogged about it last year detailing that once we have vaccines we will be on a different trajectory. It seems like forever ago, but this time last year we all had some idea of what we were getting into. A few months. A year. But as we hit May of 2021 coming soon, it just feels like wait what? what is this new normal? the world has changed. We are still seeing outbreaks and shutdowns. We are still trying to stay on top of this thing. And this holding position we have all collectively been in, it’s tiring. We are all at the end of the rope and it still feels like we don’t know what to expect. The last year has been so hard on everyone. We have all been deeply impacted and affected by what is happening. There’s this shared trauma that we are all experiencing collectively. And we are still in the middle of it. There’s a lot of hope on the horizon. There’s a lot of progress being made everywhere. Things will indeed get better. But right here, right now, it really sucks. Wanted to share this thought with everyone, have no intention or consequence in mind. Take care all! 🤗

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