Sameer is a Facebook addict – Michigan Daily

So they did catch wind of this somehow and now the secret is out!

Sameer Halai, a student in the School of Information, said he checks his account between seven and eight times each day.
Halai is a first-year graduate student who plans to join the School of Information’s social computing program. For Halai, Facebook isn’t just a way to keep in touch with friends. It’s also his homework.

It’s an article in the Michigan Daily about the Social Computing specialization in my school. I was interviewed for it and am not sure if I said everything the exact same way as quoted! But yes, I do check Facebook 7-8 times a day!

I am not being a “celebrity”, but I think I have been misquoted :). But what the hell!

One thought on “Sameer is a Facebook addict – Michigan Daily

  1. Hi Sameer,

    I’m just checking out your website and wanted to say hello. I hope you are having a great summer/internship experience.

    Hope to see you in the fall.

    Kay and C-squared (the little wolverine)

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