Overnight snow camping with infants on Mt Lassen

We went snow camping with our infant twins recently. It was a great experience for us and them 🙂 We managed to fit all of us inside our two person mountaineering tent 😆 It was 38°F/3°C outside and we were camped on snow. We had a two person sleeping bag which did a good job of retaining everyone’s body heat so we were quite comfortable all through the night. And the tent was a four-season tent which kept the wind out.

How did we keep the babies comfortable?
We know our gear well enough to know how it would do in different conditions. We did a lot of experiments with different layers and shorter durations in cold weather. Gradually increasing the duration on each outing. So by now we had a good sense of what would work for the infants. For this trip we used a system of:

  1. wool+silk inner layer for moisture wicking e.g. LanaCare Organic Merino Wool Hooded Overall
  2. thin wool balaclava e.g. LANACare Organic Merino Wool Baby Balaclava
  3. thicker wool layer for warmth and wicking e.g. DISANA Organic Wool Romper
  4. snowsuit / down layer with hood and mittens also full feet coverage e.g. Columbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting

We kept checking their cheeks, fingers, toes to make sure they were not too cold and their back to check they were not too hot (sweat).One surprising finding was that the sleeping bag was warmer than we expected – we think having four bodies generating and circulating warmth vs just two was a factor. Had the temperature been below 32F we would have added an extra fleece layer. We stayed within 30min of the parking lot to backtrack in case we hadn’t anticipated and prepared adequately. So it was a successful gear test and we learned a lot!

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