Supporting decentralized production and distribution by canceling Amazon Prime

The subscription service is Amazon’s greatest—and most terrifying—invention. Image source: Getty; The Atlantic.

Amazon is not to be blamed here. It is giving us exactly what we want. For me, however, I canceled prime and stopped using Amazon over 2 years ago because I couldn’t trust myself. In the past I used to end up with things I didn’t really need. Without prime, with the extra friction, my discipline kicks in, and is able to help me from buying things I don’t really need.

I instead try and support local and brick and mortar stores because I want to vote with my money to manifest what I value more. Being able to get anything I want in a day is nice, but it’s no longer something I value for every single thing. Instead, having decentralized production, distribution and delivery systems also is something I desire and does require me to align my buying practices with it.

Small hair changes can lead to big outcomes. This is one habit I have changed for me.

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