Divya Singh

I am in tears!!!! It’s been years since this email is doing the rounds, but it keeps coming back to me with full vigor!

From Divya Singh (Siemens)


Friends please help, if possible . This is important to Me. so I am
asking you to please forward it. Please Send this to all your contacts.
anyone you know who Has survived NON
SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER , please inform Me at the address given below.
My husband has it and I Would like to know what treatment was used ..
Please forward this to everyone on your contact list. From The bottom
of my heart I thank you.

Thank you,

Divya Singh
Inform here:
Siemens Information System Limited,
#84, Keonics Electronics City, Hosur Road,
Bangalore – 561 229.

There is no Divya Singh in Siemens when last checked 3 years ago. Please stop forwarding this plea!! please!!!!

Please read this link: http://www.mumbai-central.com/nukkad/apr2000/msg00001.html
and this one: http://gauravsabnis.blogspot.com/2004/12/divya-singh-standard-for-e-noviceness.html

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