Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a really good tool. It’s a freeware windows beta which surprisingly isn’t simply tied down to only MSN Spaces. I could use it perfectly fine with this “Customer Installation of WordPress”. I am impressed.
Setting it up is extremely easy – you simply tell it the URL of your blog and it will try and find out what you use. If it’s a custom installation (like mine) you just need to point it to the publish interface and it takes it from there. It then loads your blog, decides the presentation elements and brings out a template just as it appears online for you to populate. I would give it a 10/10 as far as first impressions go. But do check back some time later to see the long-term assessment and views on it!

3 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer

  1. Decided not to..It aint a great LJ posting tool!
    -Publishes the post as public by default(no access settings)
    -I cannot add an LJ cut.
    -LJ’s rich text mode is still the best enhancement!

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