Easy way to confirm if your 5Ghz router is set to the right channel

Do you have a Mac?

  1. Turn off your router
  2. On your Mac, press the alt/option ⌥ key and click on the WiFi 📶 icon
  3. Select “Open Wireless Diagnostics …”
  4. Ignore the dialog that opens up
  5. In the bar on the top go to Window > Scan
  6. It will show you all the WiFi networks around you
  7. It will say “Best 2.4Ghz” and “Best 5Ghz” – these are the channels that your router radio should be using for the best performance
  8. Now turn on your router 📻
  9. Login to the admin interface
  10. Set the wireless channel to what was recommended in step 7

I finally found the time to look into this. And I realized the 5Ghz channel set in my router was inefficient. I changed it and my WiFi speeds at home have doubled! 🐫

Oh and this is not just for a Mac. And TMTOWTDI (There’s More Than One Way To Do It)

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