One of the most useful charts for tracking COVID-19

This is one of the most useful charts I have found to easily track the trends. Exponential events have to be seen in logarithmic scales and the thing we want to watch is not just the absolute numbers of cases but the growth rates. When the growth rate goes below zero we will start to see everything else flat line.

Y-axis: New Cases Last Week (log scale)
X-axis: Total Cases (log scale)

So in this chart below, the dominant line describes the general trajectory that COVID-19 takes in all countries. China & South Korea are the only ones whose growth rate appears to have gone down.

Also notice that Italy has just started to break out but it’s too early to tell. And Japan had slowed down but is climbing back up.

Please remember it takes 2-4 weeks after lockdown for the numbers to start to change.

And here’s the version with death rates plotted this way:

Click here to see the live version with full animation

And here’s a video that explains this visualization in detail.

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