Religious stereotypes visualized using Web Seer

Blame it on the Voices covered a venn diagram published by reddit user prateekmi2 today which shows the search terms that people use for different religions on Google search. It exposes the different words associated with different religions and the common words are equally interesting.

venn diagram

Web Seer is another visualization tool built specifically for comparing and contrasting google search suggestions for two different search terms. I decided to augment the venn diagram above with the web seer visualization – it’s just another way to present the same information.

As you can see from the visualization, “stupid” is the most frequent word used on Google to complete the sentence “Why are muslims so …” that is also used to complete the sentence “Why are christians so …”. Other common words for both religions are “intolerant” and “hateful”. On the extremes,the words associated with Muslims are “angry” and “violent” while those associated with Christians are “judgmental” and “mean”.

muslims christians

Contrasted with the unique words associated with Muslims, those associated with Jews are “cheap”, “successful” and “smart”. However, the interesting common word for both Muslims and Jews implies “Why are Muslims and Jews so hated?”

muslim jews

According to this visualization, there is nothing in common between words associated with Jews and Christians, however, the original Venn diagram above found the word “annoying” to be common enough.

jews christians


India is a democratic country with separation of church and state. However, though it’s dominantly Hindu it still hosts one of the largest Muslim populations in the world in terms of absolute numbers. I was curious to see how the two religions compare on Google. There were zero search suggestions for the term “Why are Hindus so …” so for this case I shortened the search terms to “Why are Hindu” and “Why are Muslim”. Unfortunately, there were no words commonly associated with the two religions but it was interesting to see Hindus’ discontent with the movie Avatar and the color of the depictions of their gods.

muslims hindus

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