Soylent – Food as a Service (FaaS)

Soylent. I am calling it Food as a Service (FaaS). Because you pay $9 for 2000 calories of full nutrition, no compromise food with no prep time, planning needed. Absolutely beats resorting to fast food, ramen noodles etc. Also, it can potentially help address global malnutrition by at least playing a complementary role to other efforts.

I got my pre-order delivered while I was out of the country, so just tried it. Tastes like a healthy smoothie with a cake batter flavor. Has to be consumed cold for the best taste. I do like a hot soup and more flavor so clearly this is not going to replace all meals. But I love how it can fill in some meals so you don’t have to always keep planning. Also, you can easily measure calories so it helps stick to diets etc. Will see how my body reacts to it and see if I am getting all the nutrition I need.

Verdict for now is that I am quite excited by it and curious to see how this pans out.