Using Apple Find My Friends for continuous location tracking


At Fuse we like trying out new things and we always have very willing folks to sign up with. We started continuously monitoring each others locations 24×7 yesterday. As I came into work today it was great to see everyone converging into our workplace.

I have used other services like Glympse and many others which let me do this too but I never reached this type of critical mass so quickly so haven’t seen it across 10 people in real-time.

The cool thing is that this is integrated with Siri so I can just pick my phone and ask the question “Where is Flynn right now?” and the phone tries to track him down as best as it can and shows it to me:


In an ideal world this is awesome. But it’s a little involved to get off the grid when you want to and at least at this point it’s harder to remember that others could be seeing you.

Possible ways to make this better would be:
1. Notify me when a friend looks me up and views my current location – adds some level of symmetry.
2. Something at the level of a hardware button to easily turn off my location sharing
3. Get rid of the stitched leather 🙂

Other than that I think it’s designed pretty well and it’s clear they fought off many complicated considerations to come up with a solution that’s nuanced enough for something as sensitive as location sharing and still retains simplicity.

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