Some things we can do to work together as a society

We can respect each other as humans and still call out behaviors and actions we disagree with. If we let egos get in the way we stop listening to each other.

We can acknowledge the good we see in each other. Positive reinforcement is the only sustainable way of influencing behaviors and opinions.

We can work to identify the values and principles we can all agree on. We can’t have any meaningful discussions without maintaining a common ground.

We can understand that we all often agree on the end goals while being disproportionately affected by the rate of change and the steps we take towards achieving them.

We can ask our selves how we can make the world better for ourselves *and* for those around us. We are too connected to not have a holistic approach to solving our problems.

We can recognize that rather than trying to eliminate our differences we have to learn to celebrate them and integrate them into how we live and grow together.

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