Yahoo! Travel Updated

I am a little disappointed with Yahoo! which seems to sneak in great updates without a lot of buzz being generated around it. For instance, the only way I find out about the fact that Yahoo! Travel has undergone a major revamp is if I look closely at my Yahoo! page.
Yahoo! Travel updated
Where are the blogs, the news, the reviews around this wonderful update?
I do not think I can manage a full-blown review just yet, but some interesting things are:

  • They have added community features to the Travel website
  • You can browse other’s people’s trips, share your trip details with friends
  • You can duplicate other’s trips and make reservations for the same itinerary or fudge it to create your own unique trip

I am going to play around with this and probably comment more. But I am still confused about why the only thing Yahoo! has been in the news recently for is people stepping down or Yahoo! Photos shutting down!

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