Sondland Testimony, CBS vs Fox, ‘quid pro quo’ or not?

Exact same testimony, exact same words being reported. CBS says “Sondland confirms a quid pro quo”. Fox says “Sondland confirms Trump told him no quid pro quo”. Now it may seem like one of them is blatantly lying. But that’s not true. They are reporting different aspects.

Sondland confirmed he thought there was supposed to be one and also confirmed Trump told him the exact opposite.

In other words, CBS is saying that a witness says he thinks the suspect committed a crime. And Fox is saying that the witness says that when the witness confronted the suspect the suspect denied the crime.

In my personal opinion, despite both reporting one part of the truth, the Fox aspect is slightly more misleading here. Because we would all agree that reporting that a suspect denied their crime is not really newsworthy, right? At the same time CBS comes across as if this is more certainly provable than it actually is.

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