Solar financing startup in Africa to finance tech startup in San Francisco

This picture is from exactly 5 years ago. I shot it in Kenya, around 5 hrs from Nairobi. I was visiting a solar micro-grid installation that brought electricity to this remote area that was too far from a grid. This is the time I started to see how many high-impact things can often feel very incremental. Between enabling solar financing for businesses (which is what my last company, SunFunder, did) to improving how businesses run their finance and operations (which is what my current company, Jirav, does), it’s sometimes harder to recognize the significant impact of the latter. This is because to lend to these solar business we needed them to have good books and their financial models had to be sound. Which was very often not the case, making it harder for us to lend to them. Creating and improving the financial operating system for the world empowers more people with good ideas to achieve more.

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